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The most mobile axe throwing around! Anytime, Anywhere!

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Our Story - It all started with an Axe...

It all started with an axe. A Fiskars splitting axe to be exact. Bought at Canadian Tire for about 80 bucks. With the intent of splitting fire wood and trimming the cherry tree in the back yard. That was precisely what it got used for. But then one evening, while his lady was out. The man, home alone and bored dreamt up the alter-ego, donning his flannel shirt, a toque, axe in one hand, pipe in the other, Don Cedar was born. Don Cedar was a man’s man. A Lumberjack. He took no gruff, drank beers, felled trees, fought bears, all the while puffing on his hand made maplewood pipe. Don was the character representation of all the fun and good sun the man at work was missing outdoors, in the fresh air, on his own watch. In the real world he was in coveralls, working in a shop, under vehicles. Not seeing a glimpse of the sun. Not free in mind and body and not enjoying it one bit. Then one day, he, his lady, and a group of friends went axe throwing, he’d never done it properly before. But when he stuck his first hatchet into the round, by god was that a happy time! The smell of the wood, the joy of activity and group socializing with his friends... It was enough to make him and Don Cedar become one. At least for a brief moment. Right there the man decided to look into doing something different, he brought the idea up to his lady. And her, being the ever supportive, loving, and adventurous type agreed that a change would be for the good. And plans started to by laid. Almost a year later the opportunity finally came as the man was let go from the employment for which he no longer enjoyed. The realization came to the man that the stress on his mind and body would not longer hold sway on him. He got rest, he got reprieve. He was happy and eager for the chance to do something different. To be his own boss, just like the indomitable, the completely fictional, Don Cedar. And after 2 months of hard work and dedication to the vision. The man and his lady are living the Don Cedar dream. Welcome to it.

Cedar Axe Throwing.

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