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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can you set up?

A: Basically anywhere! Backyard, front yard, middle of a field, larger indoor spaces. Anytime, anywhere!

Q: Is there a Waiver Form?

A: If your going to throw even one axe, your going to have to sign a liability waiver and go through the instructions and demonstration process. Plain and simple.

Q: What do I wear?

A: Clothing is not an issue, axe throwing is an easy to learn and hard to master sport like darts! Just the “darts” in this case weigh more, and are even more satisfying to the ego when they hit a bullseye!

The only safety request we make is wearing close toed shoes, sandals and high heels may be fun to wear, but keeping your toes safe is even better!

Q: How old do I have to be to participate?

A: Understanding of the sport and adhering to the rules is key, so a minimum age of 10 years old is our youngest allowable customer for our mobile axe throwing lanes.

Q: What does my physical capability need to be?

A: As long as you can use your arms, you're golden! Even those in wheelchairs can throw!


Q: What is entailed in the Axe Instructions and Demonstration?

A: The Coach/Supervisor will run you and your group through the handling and throwing of the axes provided by Cedar Axe Throwing, only equipment supplied by Cedar Axe Throwing will be used.

The Coach/Supervisor will demonstrate proper axe handling and the proper technique of standard One-hand and Two-handed over head throwing.

Nobody but the Coach/Supervisor and the throwers may be in the Throw Zone, all onlookers must be 6’ to the side or behind the people engaged in the axe throwing.

The throwers will both throw at the same time from the 12’ throw line, and will not be allowed to enter to retrieve axes till the axes has settled into the target, back wall, or landed on the floor.

When axe throwing is over, the axes will be deposited safely into a designated area for the next throwers use.

No onlookers/non-participants are allowed behind or touching the Axe Throwing Lane while in use.

Any deviation from instructions from the Coach/Supervisor will result in immediate loss of throwing privileges and expulsion from all Cedar Axe Throwing activities.



Phone: 1 780 837 5357


Located in: Salmon Arm British Columbia 

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